Monday, November 29, 2010

Bercinta Antara Benua,Sape Kate Tak Boleh

Amacam kalau pasangan korag jaoh cmtu~T_T
Hmmm..bercinta jarak jauh.perkara nie akan berlaku dan kebanyakannye sukar diterima baik bagi si jejaka ataupun si dara..kite tengok antara jejaka atau si dara akan melanjutkan pelajaran diorang paling dasat skali ble melibatkan luar negara emm macam timur tengah ke, eropah ke, jepun ke, australia ke, pendek kate, tempat2 yang jauh2 la yang menyebabkan korang berjauhan hadui sedihnye, lagi satu pekerjaan gak mempengaruhi tau..mane la tau tibe2 si jejaka kene keja tempat laen ke same la yang jaoh2 gak..senang cite,memang sedih sangat2 bile perkare yang sedemikian nie berlaku kepada kedua2 mempelai eh pehal lak hehehe pade kedua2 pasangan..

Huhuhu bagi pasangan yang tak gentar and kurang sabar ngan ujian fizikal mental emosi kemungkinan besar hubungan korang akan tekandas ditengah jalan pas langgar divider isk3 huk3..tapi mimpi ngeri tu boleh korang elakkan..macamane?haa itu yang kite nak tau sangat..huish sape kate becinte long distance tak boleh, boleh saje..hati mesti kene kuat beb!! Haaa dah tu nie aku ade sediekan tips untuk mereka2 yang berpacaran ecehh bercinta jarak jaoh..tapi kan, sory la coz English laa..hehehe tukar sikit mood post malam nie ahaks..

1. Communicate frequently

Number one rule: Communication. Keeping in very close contact is important in a regular relationship, but it's doubly vital for a long-distance one. Just how close? "The more, the better," says Armstrong. "The space between two people is where the relationship exists and what is put in that space makes the difference to whether the other feels safe or not." Agree how often you'll call each other and stick to it so that it becomes part of your regular routine. Of course, real life might not in the way of this but it's good to lay ground rules so that you both know where you stand. Using a webcam can add a more personal dimension to the conversations as you can see each other while you talk and the distance doesn't seem quite so overwhelming. How you handle the conversations is just as important as how often you speak. "It is really important to listen deeply and carefully so that the space between builds in trust," says Armstrong.

2. Arrange visits

Phone calls and video chats are great for touching base but there's no substitute for spending quality time together face-to-face. If possible, set "rules" that you'll see each other whenever you can afford to. As with scheduling phone calls and general communication, Armstrong advises seeing each other as much as possible.

If you can't meet up as often as you'd like, you'll need to be mutally understanding and avoid saying negative things like 'If you really loved me, you'd make more effort to visit.' Armstrong suggests trying a change of attitude to avoid seeming as though you're pointing the finger. "Look at the positives of having your partner in your life and how it is enhancing your life rather than the focus being on how you would like them to be there more, as this can make all the difference to how you are together when you do actually see one another." Most important of all, do make the most of the time that you can spend together and see this in a positive light.

3. Ditch the paranoia

When you're apart, it's easy to find yourself wondering if he's cheating. But trust is so important especially in a long distance relationship. Expressing and demonstrating your feelings for each other can go a long way towards letting your partner know that you're committed to making the relationship a success.

Discuss what you're feeling rather than projecting onto your partner. For example, instead of saying 'You never call me on time' say something like 'I don't feel important when you're late for our calls' as this sounds less accusatory. Also avoid using words like "always" and "never", says Armstrong, as these can be very off-putting.

4. Surprise your partner

Planning little surprises every so often shows that you're thinking of him even when you're apart. "Surprises show that you're making your partner a priority," says Armstrong. "We all want to feel loved and taking notice of what your partner likes and acting on it is a very powerful message that says 'You are important to me and I love you'," she adds. Not sure what to surprise your partner with? "Keep a list of things that your partner mentions in passing, like a book or something that they would like to do," suggests Armstrong. Want to get soppy and romantic? Send a gift that you know will be appreciated with a romantic note attached or record a personalized video message.

 Haaa tu la serba sedikit tips untuk u'all..jangan la bace jep,apply gak keh..aku doakn korang yang sedang bercinte nie bekekalan hingge ke akhir hayat..tamaw clash,breakup,b.u, putus or whatsoever keh~

Happy Loving ^_~


Srikandi Cinta said...

em minta maaf la ye terkeluar tjuk cket.. nie nape org kt tepi blog nie tutup mulut gne kaen ek..
ala yg kt bwh nie..
ape?? malu?? hahahahaha

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